Baptist Alphabet Soup

AB or Alliance—Alliance of Baptists:

First splinter group that pulled out of the SBC in 1987 during the early days of the takeover movement. This group has tended to be the most radical of those who felt disenfranchised by the changes in the SBC. One of their themes is the promotion of an understanding that the Bible is wrong in condeming homosexuality in a committed relationship. (

ABC—American Baptist Churches in the USA:

When the SBC broke off the Triennial Convention in 1845, one of the subsequent groups to be formed was the American Baptist Convention. In recent years, American Baptists allowed CBF to make use of their Ministers and Missionaries Benefits Board when the SBC decided not to allow CBF affiliates to continue to use the Annuity Board’s services. (

ABP—Associated Baptist Press:

This is the alternative Baptist press agency formed when reporters from Baptist Press were displaced from their positions in the 1980’s. (

Acteens Activators/Acteens Activators Abroad:

WMU Missions action initiatives program for acteens. (

Acteens Interns:

WMU short term volunteer missions opportunities for Acteens.


WMU Missions education program for teenage girls. (

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering:

Offering traditionally taken up by Southern Baptist Churches at Easter to fund the work of the North American Mission Board of the SBC. (

AOM—Adults on Mission:

Co-ed missions education program by WMU.

B&H—Broadman & Holman:

Publising imprint of Lifeway Christian Resources of the SBC. (

Baptist Banner:

Newspaper published by T. C. Pinkney in relationship to the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia. SBCV claims this is not their publication, but they include the Baptist Banner in their budget. (

Baptists Committed:

Alternate name for Mainstream Baptists.

BF&M—Baptist Faith and Message:

The original document was published in 1925 under pressure from fundamentalists within the SBC, but was accepted as having no authority or finality. It was revised in 1963 to assuage fears that the SBC was leaning too far to the right, again under pressure from fundamentalist elements. In 1998, an article on marriage and the family was added, including controversial language of woman’s submission. The 2000 revision changed the tenor of the statement to make it acceptable to the fundamentalist leadership and acceptance of its positions became mandatory for work with any of the national SBC agencies. (A side-by-side copy of the 1925, 1963 and 2000 versions can be found at and The BGCT version contains commentary on the changes.)

BGAV—Baptist General Association of Virginia:

This is the historic state association in Virginia to whom we relate, uniting the local churches throughout the state and a few in portions of West Virginia that used to be part of Virginia. (

BGCT—Baptist General Convention of Texas:

This is the historic state convention in Texas. When Mainstream Baptists collected moneys to support missionaries forced out of the IMB, BGCT took care of distributing those funds as needed. Like Virginia and Missouri, Texas has two state conventions. The BGCT is the state entity akin to the BGAV. (

BJC—Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs:

Ethics and religious liberty commission representing various Baptist groups in the United States. The BJC speaks from a Baptist perspective on public policy issues. Brent J. Walker is the executive director. (

BMDF—Baptist Medical and Dental Fellowship:

Organization of Baptist medical and dental practicioners cooperating in missions opportunities. (

BNF—Baptist Nursing Fellowship:

sponsored by WMU, is a professional Christian organization for nurses (active and retired RNs, LPNs, student nurses, and missionary nurses). The main thrust of BNF is to encourage nurses to use their skills to witness and minister for Jesus Christ. In addition, BNF promotes professional growth for its members. (

BP—Baptist Press:

This is the news agency of the Southern Baptist Convention. It publishes news information for the SBC leadership. (

BPF—Baptist Peace Fellowship:

Their website states that "The purpose of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America is to unite and enable Christians to make peace with justice in a warring world. We are called by God to the Gospel of Peace. This calling is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ, who is our Peace, in whom God is reconciling the world and through whom God calls us to the ministry of peacemaking. Peace is not only our goal, but our means. The foundation of peace is justice. The force of peace is love." (

Baptist Standard:

This is the newspaper related to the BGCT. It is independent of the BGCT, in the way that the Religious Herald is independent of the BGAV. Southwestern Seminary president Paige Patterson had the Baptist Standard removed from the seminary campus in his first few months as president. (

Baptist Way Press:

This is a Sunday School resource imprint of the BGCT in response to concerns with Lifeway materials. Their writers include Russell Dilday (former president of Southwestern Seminary) and Bob Dale (VBMB). (

BTSR—Baptist Theological Seminary of Richmond:

This is the seminary in Richmond that was created as professors from Southern Seminary were under fire from the fundamentalist movement. It is supported by a partnership of individuals, BGAV, CBF, and Baptist churches. It was originally started by the Alliance of Baptists, although they later turned it completely over to its current supporters. (

BWA—Baptist World Alliance:

This is a loose alliance that ties together most of the Baptist conventions, associations, and societies around the world. They are specifically working to join forces for: 1) human needs; 2) religious freedom; 3) education; and 4) presenting a united front for Baptists around the world. BWA was created in 1905 in Birmingham, England in large part due to the efforts of Southern Baptists to find a way to draw Baptist groups around the world together. BWA was defunded by the SBC in June. Various state conventions are increasing their financial support to help make up the financial loss. (

BWAid—Baptist World Aid:

This is the human needs arm of the Baptist World Alliance. Its funding comes as a portion of BWA receipts, as well as specific funding for projects that it coordinates. (

BWIM—Baptist Women in Ministry:

Their mission statement says:
To be a catalyst in Baptist life, drawing together women and men in partnership with God to illuminate, advocate, and nurture the gifts and graces of women. We seek to be pro-active in our advocacy for women, support of women in ministry, and education about women in ministry. (

CBF—Cooperative Baptist Fellowship:

This is the national organization of Baptists that pulled away from the direction of the SBC in the 1990’s. They originally channeled moneys to SBC missions as well as picked up support for the seminary in Rushlikon when it was defunded by the Foreign Mission Board. CBF’s first missionaries were those who lost their FMB support with the defunding of Rushlikon. CBF expanded their missions support when SBC refused to accept their gifts, now supporting over 100 missionaries, as well as partnering to support theological education and other ministries. CBF is also picking up the slack in chaplaincy endorsement, especially as the NAMB is no longer endorsing female chaplains. (

CBFV—Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia:

This is the state-level organization of CBF in Virginia. It is not a state convention, but an organization of the churches affiliated to CBF national. A portion of CBF gifts from Virginia Baptists goes to CBFV to finance their ministries. (

CBTS—Central Baptist Theological Seminary:

ABC Seminary, one professor is a former FMB missionary to Brazil. Another was theology professor at Southern Seminary. (

CIA—Children in Action:

WMU co-ed Missions education program for children. (

CLC—Christian Life Commission of the SBC:

Southern Baptist commission created to replace the Baptist Joint Committee when it was defunded by the takeover movement. This was subsequently renamed Ethics and Christian Liberty Commission. Richard Land is the executive director. (


Newsletter of the Alliance of Baptists. Also name of Appomattox Baptist Association's monthly newsletter.

CP—Cooperative Program:

The Cooperative Program was designed to help churches and convention agencies funnel monies to the various agencies in a consistent, effective manner. Churches send monies to the state organizations, who then send a predetermined percentage of the monies to the denominational entities in the Cooperative Program. Each state convention determines how it will channel funds and may have various plans to which a church may contribute. The BGAV has four giving tracks, one of which allows a church to designate its funds according to its own definitions, another which

CWJCSM—Christian Women's Job Corps®

: a ministry project of WMU. The goal of CWJC is to provide women in need a hand-up toward sustaining successful employment and meeting their life goals. Women receive training in life skills (rearing children, budgeting money) and job readiness (computer training, customer service skills). Each woman is involved in Bible study and matched with a trained Christian woman who will be her mentor as she travels the road from dependency to self-sufficiency. (

Enter the Joy:

This is a CBFV offering campaign for mission work by CBF personnel in Virginia, with special focus on the Hispanic ministry efforts of Greg and Sue Smith. (

Facts & Trends:

This is a news imprint from LifeWay Christian Resources of the SBC.


WMU volunteer missions program like MissionFest, but geared for families. FamilyFEST offers an opportunity for families to participate in a missions trip together. Children will learn missions by watching their parents doing missions and by working along side them. FamilyFEST is open for families with children first grade and up.

GA’s—Girls in Action:

WMU Missions education program for girls. (

Global Missions Offering:

This is an offering for CBF Global Missions. It funds both international and national missions efforts of CBF, as CBF uses one budget and organizational structure to coordinate missions initiatives worldwide. The offering is taken up year-round, with special Christmas and Easter emphases. (

Global Women:

Organization of women targeting ministry by women to women around the world. It was begun by core national WMU leadership to meet a perceived "hole" in missions action and opportunities in Baptist life. (

HCSB—Holman Christian Standard Bible:

New translation by Lifeway Christian resources. This translation follows the theological direction of the SBC leadership. Al Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, said called it a Bible that Southern Baptists could control. This is the new translation that appears in all Lifeway materials.


(Humanitarian Emergency Aid for Rebuilding Tomorrow): Dealing with humanitarian needs in emergencies and natural disasters.

IMB—International Mission Board:

SBC agency sending missionaries overseas, formerly the Foreign Mission Board. Missionaries must now begin service as apprentices under a three year appointment and be recommended to return to the field. Focus has shifted to short term missions personnel, away from the career missionary approach. (

Kingdom Adance:

BGAV initiative for a new model of cooperative work for Baptists in Virginia, focusing on the specific objective of advancing God’s reign in and through the work of the local churches and cooperative efforts.

Lifeway Christian Resources:

Publishing arm of the SBC, formerly the Baptist Sunday School Board and Baptist Bookstore. All writers must sign the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and agree to write within its parameters.

LMCO—Lottie Moon Christmas Offering:

Offering to support the work to the International Mission Board, SBC. It was named by a single missionary from Virginia who spent her latter years in China. This offering amounts to half of the IMB’s budget.

Mainstream Baptist Network:

This is a network of Baptists who are working to maintain or retain state convention independence from national fundamentalist leadership. When missionaries were fired or forced to resign from the IMB over the Baptist Faith and Message controversy, it was Mainstream who raised funds to support terminated missionaries. (

Mission Friends:

WMU Missions education program for preschoolers. (


Ministry of WMU® and a partnership with our state WMUs and local Baptist associations that provide a volunteer missions opportunity for adults from across the country. These volunteers join with local Christians in a highly concentrated effort to support ongoing missions projects. This missions experience is both intensive and rewarding, with projects lasting three to seven days. MissionsFEST events are open to adults 18 years and older.

NAMB—North American Mission Board, SBC:

Formerly the Home Mission Board, the name was changed in 1995 to reflect the inclusion of Canada under the geographic territory in which the NAMB would work. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is one of the major sources for NAMB financial support, next to the Cooperative Program.

New Hope Publishing

—Publishing imprint of national WMU.

North American Baptist Women’s Union—BWA:

This is the woman’s organization for North America that is tied to the Baptist World Alliance.

PNBC—Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.:

African-American Baptist convention.


Magazine published by Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV).

Project HELP:

Project HELPSM is WMU's focus on critical social issues. It is a two-year emphasis on addressing a social problem and providing suggestions for ministries for individuals and churches to combat the problem. Issues in the past have included hunger relief, child advocacy, and AIDS. (

PWPL—Pure Water, Pure Love:

Pure Water, Pure LoveSM is a WMU ministry to provide missionaries overseas with a water purifier that will remove disease-causing microorganisms. Individuals, churches, Sunday Schools, missions groups, etc. can give money to purchase a water purifier that will provide enough drinking water for four years. Note that this is available not just to SBC missionaries. (

S&H—Smyth & Helwys:

Publishing house partnering with CBF. It was named after two English Baptist pioneers of the 1600’s. (

SBCT—Southern Baptist Conservatives of Texas:

This is the breakaway convention in Texas that formed in 1998 and tied itself exclusively to the Southern Baptist Convention. They have become a de facto entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, rather than a channel of church participation in the SBC. Their newsjournal is The Southern Baptist Texan. They also publish Texas Baptist Crosroads Jim Richards is the executive director. (

SBCV—Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia:

This is the breakaway convention in Virginia that has tied itself exclusively to the Southern Baptist Convention. They have become a de facto entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, rather than a channel of church participation in the SBC. Doyle Chauncey is the executive director. (

Sisters Who Care:

The word sister resonates in the African American community, where Christian women are sisters through their mutual faith in Christ, ethnic heritage, and as members of God's creation. These sisters care about increasing their knowledge and understanding of their Savior, supporting their fellow believers, and positively influencing their world for Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18–20). Sisters Who CareSM is a part of a national organization of Baptist women (WMU), age 18 and above, of all races, classes, and background. (

The Fellowship—Cooperative Baptist Fellowship:

This is an alternate designation for CBF.

VBC—Virginia Baptists Committed:

Mainstream organization of Baptists in Virginia. They relate to the Mainstream Baptist Network.

VBMB—Virginia Baptist Mission Board:

This is the convention office that represents and carries out the cooperative work of the General Association throughout the year. John Upton is the executive director. (

Volunteer Connection:

Volunteer ConnectionSM is a ministry that connects missions volunteers to needs, nationally and internationally. A missions volunteer is any Christian who has chosen to give their time, skills, and resources to meet a need in a mission setting. Volunteer Connection encourages volunteers to complete a simple, user-friendly training program, so they will be better qualified to serve. (

WMU International Initiatives:

International InitiativesSM is a ministry through which WMU hopes to address issues facing women and children worldwide; forming partnerships with overseas Christian entities to provide Christians with ministry and missions opportunities. (

WMU-Woman’s Missionary Union:

This is the national organization of WMU. Wanda Lee is the Executive Directory. (

Women on Mission Enterprisers:

WMU program for WOM members who want to participate in short-term missions trips. Enterprisers groups can participate in a MissionsFEST or FamilyFEST event, working with other teams, or choose some other type of missions projects. (

WOM—Women on Mission:

WMU Missions education program for women.


WorldCraftsSM is a WMU nonprofit ministry that imports handcrafts from around the world and markets them in the USA. Most items are made by men and women living in poverty; the income from these crafts helps them better provide for their families through their skills. WorldCrafts items are fairly traded items, which means they are produced in nonexploitative conditions by artisans who are paid a fair wage. (

YOM—Youth on Mission:

WMU co-ed Missions education program for youth. (

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