The following are MS Powerpoint files on various aspects of missionary work in Brasil among the Traditionalist Gaśchos

Beauty in Rio Grande do Sul

Religions in Rio Grande do Sul

Chimarrćo e Churrasco

Traditionalist Gaśchos

Traditionalist Dance Competitions


To go along with the powerpoints, here is a narrative script.

Plans for Missionary Work in Brasil among the Traditionalist Gaśchos in Rio Grande do Sul:

Traditionalist Gaścho Awareness document

Traditionalist Gaścho Five Year Plan

Plano de Ministério entre Gaśchos Tradicionalistas

Discipleship Studies

Traditionalist Gaścho People Group Profile

Traditionalist Gaścho Worldview Profile

Traditionalist Gaścho Bridges and Barriers

Traditionalist Gaścho Endvision planning module

Traditionalist Gaścho Vision Statement

The Baptist Top 1000 Bible Top 1000