—Microfinance Opportunities

There are many different organizations working in Microfinance initiatives that were spawned from work of the Grameen Bank. Most of them work with donation values beginning at the US$50,000 level, but there are some options that are more affordable to the rank and file. Some of those are listed here:

  • Hope International Global Investment Fund: "HOPE Global Investment Fund (HGIF) is an investment affiliate of HOPE International which supplements HOPE's traditional means of raising funds through charitable donations, thereby allowing HOPE to leverage its funds."
  • Hope International Entrepreneur Loans: Select an Entrepreneur whose loan you want to fund in part or in whole
  • Never Ending Hope: A branch of World Hope's ministry for ongoing microfinance investment initiatives
  • World Vision Micro: A Microfinance arm of World Vision where you can choose microfinance loans to sponsor specific Entrepreneurs around the world
  • Food for the Hungry: One of the areas in which this Christian organization works is establishing micro credit cooperatives and microfinance loans
  • KIVA.ORG: Allows small donations to be invested in microfinance loans around the world
  • CHALMERS.ORG: Has a wealth of resources for information regarding microfinance from a church/ministry basis
  • PROSPER.COM: Allows investment loans to US microbusinesses
  • OxFam America Gift Catalog: This catalog includes a microfinance/savings credit option, as well as blankets, animals, school meals, water purification, and similar development gift options

Hope International Entrepreneur Loans, Opportunity Internationa, or World Vision Microfinance are good starting points for helping to alleviate poverty around the world through small investments in specific projects. KIVA is not church-based, but Hope International and World Vision contain faith components in their ministry model.

—Microfinance Learning

The world of microfinance is new to me, but here are some for further learning about microfinance issues and how you can become involved:

I have purchased a few copies of the book, The Poor Will Be Glad, by Phil Smith and Peter Greer, to circulate among the church body as an intro to the concepts of microfinance, savings credit associations, and similar ways of alleviating poverty. I have ordered some copies of When Helping Hurts for circulation, as well. There are other great resources I will add as time permits. If you have other resource suggestions to add, please send them to me.

Microfinance Loans for Microenterprises

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—Christopher B. Harbin

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