Opportunities in Animal Husbandry

Here are some Animal Husbandry Projects from a list of suggestions prepared for First Baptist Church of Huntersville, NC:

Heifer International works to alleviate poverty by helping families rise from poverty by caring for animals, using milk products of goats or raising rabbits at one's home.

Years ago, Heifer encountered problems with the gifting of animals in some countries, so they adapted their strategy by placing donated animals on loan as families learned to care for them, utilize milk or fur products, and raise a second generation of animals to help meet their financial needs. The simple act of helping provide a pair of animals to a needy family can result in children half-way around the world being able to afford school supplies for the first time.

Opportunities for poverty alleviation through animal husbandry:

Resources for further study of poverty alleviation through animal husbandry:

Microfinance Loans for Microenterprises

Fair Trade Gifts

Community Development Projects

Providing Farm Animals to Families in Need

Operation Christmas Child

Clothing Closet Needs (Lydia's Loft)

Serving Food to the Needy

Adopting Families in Need for Gifts/Food

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—Christopher B. Harbin

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