Development Project Opportunities

There are many solid organizations working to aid in the alleviation of poverty through different means of community development. These projects often include providing clean water, health and nutrition education, community garden production, and other means of creating sustainable communities in which children can go to school, parents can earn incomes with dignity, and medical/dental care can be provided for the sick.

Would your class, family, or small group be interested in helping support development projects that alleviate poverty and provide dignity for the poor who need opportunity? These development projects are much more than handouts to the poor. They provide some basic services to rise from poverty and attain a healthier standard of living.

Then Came the Water: A Story of Community Development and the impact of a small-bore well on a child and her entire community (pdf version)

Below are some Development Project Opportunities from a list of suggestions prepared for First Baptist Church of Huntersville, NC:

—Development Opportunities

Some organizations working in community development:

  • CauseLife: Subsidiary of World Help, focusing on needs for clean water around the world
  • CBF Gift Catalog: Assorted means of helping mission projects, including development opportunities (p. 11)
  • Compassion International: Child sponsorships include aid for food, clean water, medical care, and educational opportunities
  • Food for the Hungry: Basic sponsorship programs alleviate poverty needs in the communities where these children live. Sponsorships help with issue of food, nutrition, health, education, and other pertinent issues
  • Food for the Hungry Water/Sanitation: Providing clean water and sanitation is a part of community development, raising the living conditions of the poor
  • Heifer International: Community development projects
  • Samaritan's Purse: Development arm of the Samaritan's Purse ministries
  • Watering Malawi: Organization working to alleviate poverty in Malawi in association with World Vision, digging wells and supplying treadle pumps to water community gardens
  • World Help: Christian Organization working to alleviate poverty through community development
  • World Vision: Known for child sponsorships, funds raised include work in community development, education, health, water, and hygiene

Resources for further study of poverty alleviation through development:

Microfinance Loans for Microenterprises

Fair Trade Gifts

Community Development Projects

Providing Farm Animals to Families in Need

Operation Christmas Child

Clothing Closet Needs (Lydia's Loft)

Serving Food to the Needy

Adopting Families in Need for Gifts/Food

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—Christopher B. Harbin

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