Katrina Journal

Slidell, LA — September 2005

The following are stories and a poem from reflections on the September 2005 disaster relief mission trip to Slidell, LA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This is not a report on the hard work and labor involved in preparing and distributing 10,000 meals per day at a disaster site. This is a report on the some of the lives touched by the effort and the grace of God amid the storms of life.

Maria's Story

Trees Bedding Down

Abundant Grace for Bobbie

Cod-Liver Oil and Twucks

A Sign of God's Love

The Week's Hot Meals

Heavenly Hands

Hungry, Anyone?

Gifts of Grace

Gulfport, MS — October 2005

The following are entries from our October disaster relief trip to Gulfport, MS.

Nick's Wheels

Life's Debris

Katrina Disaster Relief Photo Gallery

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